Directions for use Print
  • By the washing of wounds ensure that the drug is easily got to the wound, without effort;
  • When washing the deep wounds of the monitor, so that was always a drain for draining;
  • Do not use SMF ® wash the abdominal cavity (eg, during surgery), bladder, tympanic;
  • Do not swallow. Do not allow a large number of SMF ® in the blood (such as accidentally hit with injections);
  • Do not mix the SMF ® with other drugs;
  • Do not apply SMF ® antibiotic based on PVP-iodine surrounding skin surfaces, as this may lead to drastic changes in color from brown to purple;
  • Dressings can be imposed only after complete drying SMF ®;
  • The drug may rarely occur burning sensation that quickly passes;
  • SMF ® can be heated to body temperature.